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Ana Leticia De Leon.

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Hello Mrs. Barbara and her fans,
I am 15 years old lady, I am mexican, and I am writing you, to express how much I enjoyed reading your book of virgins of the paradaise, I consider it exotic, interesting and original.
The deepest reason of why I enjoy that much reading your book is that in Mexico, in the state of Chiapas there still been ancient tradicions that denigrates women in all the sence of the word, they seld them like objects, and treat them less than animals, and in the state of Chihuahua, in "Ciudad Juarez" houndred of women are murder each year of reasons people still not understanding. Most of the people in Mexico aren't like them, but like everywhere, there is a black sheep in a herd of white ones. Goberment is sometimes indiferent to these cases.
Well, I have the firm intencion to read all your books, I will...
Thanks for giving the space for write to you.
Bye, Bye...




Happy Valentine's Day!!


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