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Hi, I must admit it's been a while since I last read a book of yours. But I'm a student
now and all my subjects have to do with literature aswell (I study theatre, German as a
foreign languge and Portuguese in Munich) so I have to read a lot - unfortunately not your
books... I promise I'll do so again soon and this time I've decided to even read it in
English. Up to now I've only done it in German but I'm interested in getting to know if
they catch me as much when I'm reading in a foreign language...we'll see. I
love the way you write especially how you decribe places and people. I'm so into the story
everytime I'm beginning with one. Mostly my eyes cannot read as fast as they should to let
me turn over to the next page to get to know how it all continues. Thanks so much for
writing all these FANTASTIC books. I really love them and hope to see a new one soon in
the bookstores. Keep up with the good work! Lots of love, Steffi






Happy Valentine's Day!!


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