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Dear Barbara, I cannot thank you enough for the books I have just read of yours! (There
have been three so far) ... There seems to be an uncanny overview you give us, which spans
so many times and generations that my own life has now gained such a different
perspective. Somehow I sense a resignation which underlies the varying characters - it is
more than simply 'akashic' because we are brought to understand something of their inner
life amongst the happenings ... and it is wonderful! I was very glad to see your page and
how you have made yourself so generously available. (With humour and humility too - WOW!)
What an inspiration! Also, thank you for the strength conveyed within the feminine roles
in particular - it is independent of good times and obvious outcomes - from an older
source, and a higher value. Do you think that the discussion area will ever become a chat
venue (with you in it, from time to time?) Thank you again gabrielle.






Happy Valentine's Day!!


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