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Annette Elgass

by The Administrator last modified Jan 04, 2000 01:00


Dear Barbara Wood! First of all my best wishes to you for the new year, and that the
poetry which was with you the last centrury accompanies you to the next thousand years :))
We, my mother and me, have read almost all of your books, and you are writing great!!!
Nevertheless we only have the german translation :)) Thank you for all your books, for all
your exciting ideas, for the pleasure you made us by taking us byside to another world.
Please excuse my very worse english, I did not join it since I left school almost twenty
years ago :) By that way, I want to tell you, that we have a friend in common! When you
stayed in germany, in Meerbusch you met a Lady Anneliese Büker,
she translated for you and you took friendship. She is a very good friend to us, we are
together in a kind of foundation against violence. And I want to say Thank You that we
could reach you by Internet, to say what we want, Thank you for your really lovly
Homepage!! No place more to to write.... if I would say everything I want it would be a
book itself :)) Yours Annette Elgaß




Happy Valentine's Day!!


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