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Hello Barbara,
I sent you e-mail telling you how I met you at your book signing at the Tyler Mall, R'side, Ca and enjoyed meeting you. Also I read The Blessing Stone. I didn't think you could top yourself, but you have done it! A wonderful read. I got the signed book from you on a Sunday afternoon and finished reading it on the Tuesday morning. I was reading what some of your fans have to say and I envy the one who had just finished the Blessing Stone, had read nothing else of yours and was going to start reading your other books. What a treasure trove of reading she has in store for her. I am writing here because I had my e-mail returned, couldn't be delivered. Weird because it always has been before. I tried again, of course, then decided to do it this way as well. Had to tell you in some way The Blessing Stone is superb.
Good health on your travels and I'll just wait for your next book. Meanwhile, I re-read your books so I have that.






Happy Valentine's Day!!


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