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Alsen, Wulf und Gaby

by The Administrator last modified Jan 20, 2000 01:00



Dear Mrs. Wood ! (Mail 20-1-2000) My wife Gaby and I love your books (Das
Fluch der Schriftrollen, Haus der Harmonie ...), because your style zu write is warmly and
soft, and the tension is growing while the time and becomes closer and closer. Also we
love, that you know quite exactly, you write about. Yor know about Chistians, Moslems,
China, Egypt and so on. We not only have fun - reading your works, but also we can learn a
lot. (Next we learn is English language!) If you speak german, we would like, if you visit
our homepage, because we are creativ too and be writing: http://home.t-online.de/home/Alsen.Verlag
Please live long time and write dayly for your readers! Your Gaby and Wulf
Alsen, Germany/Harz-Mountains






Happy Valentine's Day!!


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