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hello barbara! My name is Julia, I'm a fourteen-year-old girl from Germany, Leipzig. I
want to say that I am a very big fan from you, especially from your books! I started to
read one book from you after I saw a film (after your book) with my mother. I cannot say
the title in English, in German it is called Herzflimmern, it is the book with
the three women who want to have a medical work. And so I read on nearly all books from
you. I think they are great. I have learned many things of medicine. And I was fond of
Dreamtime. I have relatives in Australia. Now I'm reading your new one: House of harmonie.
I eblieve that it will be fantastic, too! Go on writing! I imagine that it is difficult to
write so enourmous stories but you can tell so well! By the way, your homepage is great.
I'm the first time here and it is good. Perhaps you can write me...? I would be pleased
about it! Yours, Julia




Happy Valentine's Day!!


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