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Catalina (Cata)

by The Administrator last modified Mar 06, 2000 01:00


Hello Barbara: First of all excuse me for my english. I¨m from Chile so it is not easy
for me to write correctly and express my self all at the time. I had just finish readying
one of your famous books : Virgins of Paradise, and it really touched me. The
way you add color, flavour and sent to the words and frases, and the way you connect
everything is amezing, Y frankly admires yor for your talent and beautifull stories. I¨m
thinking of reading bajo el sol de Kenia and I´m sure I will love it.. To be
honest I have always wanted to write, in fact I do, but every time I start, I find it
dificult to find the exact words and the exact combination of sentences to say and express
what actually I am thinking or feeling... I will keep on trying and I hope one day my
hands, my mind and my heart reach the union and find the way that I am looking for...
meanwhile I ll read your books and I ll try to learn from you as much as I can as well as
enjoying the fascination they produce on me. Thank for the great books and the best
wishes for you. Catalina.




Happy Valentine's Day!!


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