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Theresa Baldassarri

by The Administrator last modified Apr 05, 2000 01:00


I first fell in love with your writing with a splendid book called Virgins of
Paradise. I patiently waited for another book to become available and that was
The Dreaming. Along with these two, I have read and own Green City in
the Sun, Perfect Harmony, and The Prophetess. And much to my
surprise, I also own Stars and Butterfly. Imagine my surprise to
discover that you are Kathryn Harvey. Your books take me to these wonderful places,
allowing me to experience the adventure with your characters. I look forward to your
future books. I'll continue to try to find some of your out-of-print books.
Too bad you couldn't sell them yourself from your website. I'd buy them all! Thank you for
your stories. A true follower, tree




Happy Valentine's Day!!


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