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Olga Lopez

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Entre Ríos



Dear Barbara, since the first time I read your book “Virgins of Paradise”, some years ago, I found it really fascinating because it does not only represent the suffering of Muslim women but also reflects the suffering of all illiterate women around the world whatever their religious or political ideologies are. So two years ago, when I finished my career of translator, I decided to base my thesis on that book in order to get my degree. To my great surprise, not only I got 10 (the highest mark here in Argentina), but also my work was chosen to be published by an editorial from Buenos Aires. The name of the book is The hidden face of the female illiteracy and the main theme of the thesis is “The vulnerability of an illiterate woman to religious determinism and fundamentalism” and the analysis of the theme is based on the Amira Rasheed Character on Virgins of Paradise Book. So, as soon as I translate it into English it will be a pleasure for me to send you a copy. Greetings.






Happy Valentine's Day!!


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