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Hi Barbara!
My name is Natalie, i am 16 years old and i come from a little city of south-chile.
First of all i want to say that you are an excellent writer!, I like your books very much! The first book I read, was Butterfly (this gave me an aunt as a christmas present last christmas) and well, i liked it very much. Than my grandmother lend me two books of you: "Bajo el sol de Kenia" ("under the sun of Kenia"? ¿? i dont know if on this way is called your book in english) and "STARS". I read "Bajo el sol de de Kenia" in the summer, and Stars i haven't read yet, because i have a lot of thinks to do in school ¬¬, but.. it's ok I will have time.
On 20th may, i have a report in English, for my english class, and we must to talk about a biography. And guess what, I choose you so i will talk about you for my report .

Good bye barbara!






Happy Valentine's Day!!


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