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Carla Chávez Saavedra

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Dear Barbara, I'm writing from Chile , South America, here you have lots of fans. I
want to say to you that I love all your books, I have read (sorry, but Ijust know thw
titles in Spanish) Las Virgenes del Paraíso, Bajo el Sol de Kenia,Butterfly, Star's, Los
Dioses Guardianes, El Fuego de la Vida, La Profetiza, and I'm finishing Armonía Rota. The
one that made me cry was Bajo el Sol de Kennia, but every single one has touch me deeply.
I think that you are some kind of magician because how can you know that amount of things?
How can you give life to characters that can be so real, so wonderful? I want to express
my appreciation for your work, for have dicovered you, for you to have gave to my life a
marvellous spin, I admire you, and some day I will like to see personally those cultures
taht you describe in your books, for example Kenia, Egypt, USA, Singapur. Thanks Barbara
for be in this world, and please DO NOT STOP WRITING, WE NEED YOUR WRITTING. My mother
also is a big fan of yours. Bye, If it is possible send a couple of words to my Mail.
(Sorry about my English, I tried to do my best, I'm styding translation English to Spanish
at the Catholic University of Valparaíso)Take care of yourself, CARLITA




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