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Mariana Thulin

by The Administrator last modified Jul 16, 2000 01:00


I am a women soon 40 yrs old, living in Sweden. I have been sick for some time and I
had to stop working three years ago. I have several years behind me of studying, also at
the University. When I got sick I kind of lost a lot of goals in my life and also my joy
and spirit. I have always enjoyed reading, but for some time I even stopped doing that.
For a couple of months ago I started to go to the library again and a sweet old lady who
worked there recommended a book of Barbara Wood - Women in white. After that one I have
read more books and they are all very good. BUT - two days ago I started to read the
Prophetess - it changed my life. I were very sad and anxious and suddenly the
answers were in the book - I felt so calm, uplifted, joyful and I had my first good nights
sleep in months. Thank You Barbara for sending an angel into my life. I now see my life in
a new light and I will also take charged of it and become a more fulfilled women. Thank
You!!!!! And please - never stop writing... A newborn women across the ocean..




Happy Valentine's Day!!


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