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HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP Wasn't sure how to get your attention to
read this so I thought I might try this. Dear Ms. Wood: I have just finised
reading The Dreaming and now I am able to get some sleep. Ha The reason I read
the book was because I am a teacher of the Gifted and Talented children in 2nd thru 5th
grade at a school in Tulsa, Ok. This is only my third year to teach these children, but my
24th year as a teacher in mostly fourth grade. I am starting a study on Australia which I
knew very little about before reading your book. I loved it but of course cannot recommend
it to elementary children just yet. My question is this, I am looking for a paperback
version of the The Dreaming to use as a reference for myself as I teach this
unit. I have to totally fund and develop my programs for these children so it can be
rather expensive. I checked the book out from the library and can only keep it two weeks.
I would really like to have my own copy to have throughtout the unit. I do not care if the
book is used, I just want a copy. If you know where I can find a used copy, could you
please direct me. I have looked on the Net for bookstores that carry used books and I have
yet to find a used copy. I think you would be flattered to know that people who have your
books keep them. I am looking forward to reading some more of your titles, but I will
have to wait till I have a few nights that it doesn't matter if I get much sleep. I truly
could not put The Dreaming down. Thank you for all the research you did on
Australia. I had a pad right next to me the whole time taking notes. I learned soooo much.
I do wish I could ask you about some of the beliefs they had to know what part was fiction
and what part was fact. Thank you again, Jill Fitts






Happy Valentine's Day!!


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