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Harriette Litchfield

by The Administrator last modified Aug 14, 2000 01:00


Just finished Perfect Harmony.....loved every word, every page. Looking
forward to my next Barbara Wood book. I have had a novel in the works for several years,
but got bogged down on the overwhelming prospect of the research I would have to do, and
shelved the whole project (Set in present, and going back in time to the youth of Charles
II). Can't get my butt in gear to move back to it. Sometimes when I re-read the first
draft of what little I have done, I think - hmmm, not too shabby! And then I
read novels by Judith Michael, Barbara Michaels, and YOU, and I say.....Oh,
well..., and back on the shelf it goes. I guess I am just too lazy to be an author.
The research you had to do for ..Harmony boggles my mind. The Chinese cultural
references and the computer technology....unbelievable. You are amazing. Congratulations.
Thanks for a great read. Regards, Harriette Litchfield




Happy New Year!


It's A Wonderful Life!


Happy Thanksgiving!

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