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Allison Harper

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Hi Barbara! *grin* Two years ago when I was in the hospital recovering from an
operation, a friend brought some books for me to read. In them was 'Virgins of
Paradise. I could not put it down! It helped pass the time and take my mind off my
surgery so when I got out of the hospital I looked for other books by you. Well!!!!! I was
not disappointed! Since then, I have read Green City In The Sun,
Domina The Dreaming, The Prophetess, Perfect
Harmony and I even found in a used bookstore an old copy of The Magdalene
Scrolls. I love all your books and have told all my friends about you. I saw your
announcement about Sacred Ground. I will be the first person to buy a copy!!!!
Your books are so wonderful! You have romance and history and passion and real facts that
a person can use. When I read one of your books, Barbara, I feel as if I have been there,
you are that good. I hope you continue writing many more wonderful books! A serious
fan, Allison






Happy Valentine's Day!!


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