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Nancy Carmichael

by The Administrator last modified Oct 05, 2000 01:00



I have read your book Virgins of Paradise twice and am amazed at the writing and
information about womens' rights in Egypt, etc. I love the way the plot moves along with
surprises and the character development. It is good from beginning to end. Next week on
October 10th my book group will be reviewing this. I am the one who chose the book for the
group to read and must give a background and interesting facts about you. I am very
interested in knowing what kind of research you did for Virgins of Paradise. Was it on
site or research from books or other readings, or what? You seem to have so many insights
into the Egyptian culture and history. I'm now eager to read more of your books and will
be passing my copy of V of P on to many others. Thank you for sharing your writing gifts
with us reading public!! Most Sincerely, Nancy Carmichael




Happy Valentine's Day!!


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