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Domenica Kastl

by The Administrator last modified Oct 26, 2000 01:00

Germany, but at the moment Italy


Your fantastic book Green city in the sun is the best, most wonderful, most
fantastic, most genial,...(I don't know many words like this in English!), but O.K., what
I wanted to say: I've never ever read a book like this before in my whole life. And I've
read many books, many, many books!!:-) I'm 15 years old (only for information, if you ever
look at this comment in your guest book, you know, I'm just a little, German girl who is
fascinated of a book that has just caught her thoughts)!!!!!!!! Well, I stop her
her sister) and just want to say: It´s right. I share a room with her and that´s a
problem in these days, because she admires, adores, loves your book so much that she
doesn´t stop talking about it. All I got to hear is how GOOD this book is. All day long.
Well, that´s all for now, I myself didn´t read it.




Happy Valentine's Day!!


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