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Valentina Pinto Pinchart

by The Administrator last modified Nov 02, 2000 01:00



hello Barbara: my english is not very good, because i'm from Chile, so i speek
and a little english, but that no problem, i guess. i want to say that i' m a big fan of
yours books, my family and i, have almost all of them, Your books inspired me, because now
i'm studing nursering, and the stories of medicine women are really
iteresting, so thank
you!!!, i hope you could reed this message, and please don't be bored, because is really
hard to me writing en english, but to to you, it's ok!! i don't care if you coulden't
asnwer to me, i'm happy anyway. maybe i'll see you here in Chile, i don't know,
anything is possible, so GOOD LUCK!!! and thank you again for all your books, they are
such an inspiration to all the people, (not only women) who likes to reed... Valentina
Pinto Pinchart, chilean, 22 years old.






Happy Valentine's Day!!


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