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Andrea Catalán

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Dear Barbara, Today is a special day; I have found your website, and I have read about
your visit in Santiago de Chile, two important things!! Unfortunatly I couldn´t be there.
In one of yours interviews , you said, you would like to write about latinamerica women
therefore if you want some ideas for your first book about women in
Latinamerica, here is
the first, I am a chilean woman, who live in Germany since 1997 and who found the love of
her life two weeks after her arriving in Berlin. I know you have enough good ideas , but I
think is a good thema for a novel. You are my favorite writer, when I start to read your
books I can´t stop, I use my whole free time to read them. One of my dreams is to speak
english so good like I speak german, therefore I have read most of your books in english
so I can practise. I like the way you write this mixture of romantic and information of
other cultures, people can have fun and be wiser, congratulation!!! I hope the people in
Chile had showed you their best side and only an acceptable cuote of their bad side to
make you feel within friends like chilean people used to be. To give you an idea how true
is what I tell you, here the titles I have read:The Prophetess, Curse this house, Perfect
Harmony, The Dreaming, Green city in the sun, Virgins of paradise, and the last but not
least, in german:Die sieben Dämonen and Der flucht der Schriftrollen, a special edition
with these two titles in on book. I hope you will read this mail and have a good time .
You will make me really happy if you answer me. Best regards, Andrea.






Happy Valentine's Day!!


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