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Andrea Catalán

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Dear Barbara , I have read the letters you have received and I have realized how much
chilean people love you. Also noted the interest in a Spanish version of your website, I
would be really pleased to help you with it. I don´t know if your new book is already
available in Germany , therefore I have a question, Is Tierra Sagrada
available in any bookstore in the USA?, because my husband would be there in a few days(
in New Orleans) and it would be wonderfull if he could buy it there for me. Every time
when I talk about your books there is something interesting that makes the conversation a
little difficult, I mean the translation of the titles, for example, now I am reading
Yesterday´s child, but the german version; and in german the translation for
this book is Bitteres Geheimnis and I Know that my sister in Chile had also
read this book and she told about Canción de cuna. Because of I am a
translator I know how important and difficult is to give all kind of publication the right
name, translation, etc., after this long history I want only to say that maybe this show
the way these differents cultures and people think or how they live these differents
situation, I hope you understand what I mean. I also read about the possibility to make
films of your books, that would be surely great! But maybe it would be not so easy to find
the right director. OK Barbara I hope you had had enough time to recover you after your
promotion tour in Chile and now you are already thinking in a new lovely and amusing novel
for your people. Loves for you and Sharon, who made me happy with her answer to my first
mail for you. Andrea.




Happy Valentine's Day!!


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