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Domenica Tiffany Anna Kas

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Dear Barbara!!! I've already signed your guest book once and expressed my love to
the book Green city in the sun. But today I've got any questions. 1. What age
do you have to have to read Virgins of Paradise in your opinion? 2. Do you
have to be older to read Virgins of Paradise or Green city in the sun? I only
want to know it...I've got my reasons. Please answer. Then, another thing: I read about
the suggestion to make movies of your books. That's the best idea in the world. That would
be great, wonderful, really!! And I've got another suggestion for your homepage: Please
(only if it's possible) write your titles in more than one language because many
homepage-visitors have difficulties to find out what original English title the books they
read (in Spanish or German or something like that for example) have. That's really
difficult, so please make a site where you can find your titles in other important
languages, too. O.K.? That would be really great. Thanks. Best wishes, and
never stop writing!!! Love from one of your biggest fans Domenica




Happy Valentine's Day!!


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