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Hi Barbara. I think that you are a VERY good writer! I love your books and I've never been that interested in learning about history and different cultures. I've read as many books as I could get so far and I'm planning to get the Blessing Stone as well. Every time I got a "new" book from you, it only took me a few days to read them. Everybody was always surprised and they said: What, you are reading another book from Barbara Wood? Unfortunately I can't find many of your books in the German libraries of my area. But I spent about 5 months in the States recently and I was very happy to find most of your books in the library there... I also wanted to thank you for sharing all your knowledge about all these cultures with your readers and I hope you won't stop writing in the next few years.
Thanks again.
Truly Tina, 20.






Happy Valentine's Day!!


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