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mona valadi

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hello Barbro,ihave read all your boks,and i love all off them.My english is not so god,but i must say that u have inspirate me to write,and read.Thanks off u,i go to a writting scholl,u are like a mentor for me,u maybee hear it evryday,but i realy love your work,and my dram is to someday beckome as big like u are.but i know i never can,cause u are the best.I well also go to your virtual classroom,and i hope it help me whit my homeworks in scholl.I well be happy iff you some time email me back.but i know you newer have time to email all your fans,you are the best.iff i someday became a big writter i well say to hole world how my menyor is,but today when im nobady i say it to you...you are the best writter.Take care.






Happy Valentine's Day!!


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