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Dear Barbara: My name's Edurne and I'm 22 years old. I want you to
forgive me cause my English is horrible. When I was younger I went to
Piscataway (New Jersey) with school but now, six years later, I cant
speak it very well. But this isn't the reason why I'm writting you. I
want to tell you that you are my favourite writer. I discovered you
when I was sixteen years old with Virgins of Paradise, and
this was only the beginning. I had read eleven books and the last was
Tierra Sagrada (I'm sorry, but I cant translate the name).
I must accept that I'm a bigger reader, the best present for me is a
book (the problem is find one I haven't readed). With you, I
discovered a new style of book. Many people can say that you write
about love,but I think you talk about many differents things, because
you can make the reader feel like a doctor, an archeologist, a
prehistoric man, etc. You can mix love, adventure, passion, mysticism
and an esoteric atmosfere, and create a fantastic book. In conclusion,
all this words are pointed to tell you that you are fantastic and I
love you. Kisses Huges Waiting for another book, Edurne.




Happy Valentine's Day!!


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