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Markus Seim

by The Administrator last modified Apr 17, 2001 01:00



Hello Mrs. Wood,
I´am a 23 years old Boy from Germany and a big fan from your
books. My englisch is not good. I hope you can understand me. I saw at
the bookstore in my town your new book Scared Ground (german name:
Himmelsfeuer). I can´t buy the book because I´am not a menber of
this book club. So I have to wait 5 months to can buy it in a normaly
book shop. This isn´t a good situation for me because I´m so unhappy
to cannot read your book. Why is it so? I don´t know. I wish you have
a nice time. I wish you everytime full health and please don´t lose
fun to write new books.
Markus Seim




Happy Valentine's Day!!


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