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Olivia Gimeno

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Dear Barbara,

I'm Olivia gimeno fron El Rotativo, Valencia.
We are grateful to you for having agreed to beeing interviewed by el Rotativo. We enclose the questions so that you answer them when it swits you, if possible before wednesday 17th, so this page can be closed. We would also like to know where can we get a photo of yours to be attached to the interview.

It's an honor for me to count on you for El Rotativo, since, as I told you, I'm a great fan of your novels, specially of 'Green city in the sun'. I was capturated by this book from the first page and learning many things from it.

Note: Questions sent to Barbara Wood

I would like to congratulate you and let me know if you would like to receive the interview. Could you be so kind to send me an adress in order to send you El Rotativo, It can only be in spanish.

Thanking you in advance,

Olivia Gimeno






Happy Valentine's Day!!


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