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julie landmichael

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hello barbara, i would like to have some one write a book about my life, with my animals i save 100&100 in over 30 years i am 70 and we had so much destruction with3 hurricanes in st. cloud florida , my husband when alone to find a place to live we sold our home in 1 day ,, the fact i was shot .at. by my neiborgh how did not like french people and anomals lovers i was both he told me he was going to killed me it,s a gentleman how wrote a book (the killer next door) i fill like it would be my story they stalk me for 2 years, call me name,,take movies , pictures from my frienfs to i try to ignore it but you see those have derange brain and we should not ignore,,what they do i had 300 cats never out i had a wonderful place i know they killed mant because from one day to the other they were yellow and died it was real easy to jump the fence after we pout 6 foot wood fence what the hurricane destroyed also we are broke i don.t no how much you charge to write a book but iam still saving animals big time in this barbaric town i have130 animals to feed i am tired is benn over 30 years i had a day off i work at disney for 20 years i love your painting from the cat well hope you call me thank for reading god bless the animals !




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