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Consuelo Carvajal

by The Administrator last modified Oct 30, 2007 16:10


I live in Shanghai

I am from Chile




Hello, I belong to a reading group of spanish speaking woman that live in Shanghai, China. This months book is "Green City in the Sun" and I am the one to present it.

As I read some comments from your guest book I saw you have a lot of chilean fans, my father is one of them, and he introduced me to this wonderfull book.

We would love to have a meeting with you on Skype, it would be so good if you could join us. We will meet next thursday the 8th of november at 10:00 AM China Time(In Los Angeles this should be 7:00 PM of your wednesday 7th).

Do you think you could meet with us?, please let us know if it is possible.

Thank you





Happy New Year!


It's A Wonderful Life!


Happy Thanksgiving!

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