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Mary-Anne Potter

by Mary-Anne Potter last modified Nov 08, 2007 05:01

South Africa




Dear Barbara

Thank you for informing me about the new features on your website. I am thrilled to be reading your blogs.

Since last I wrote in your guestbook (which was in 2006), not only has my love for the written word grown, but now I am a lecturer in English literature at a local university college, and have the opportunity to inspire the future generation of readers and writers. In fact, one of the seminars I am lecturing is on historical accuracy in fictional text, which immediately made me think of you and the time you've invested in research in order to afford your novels an authenticity which engages the reader. Please, would it be possible to send my class of English lit. students a message of encouragement. Most of them aspire to be great journalists - their words, one day, impacting a nation because they are genuinely engaged with the truth that will one day find its place in the research of authors such as yourself.

I am currently attempting to write a collection of short stories... some based within fantasy and fairy tale, and others truthful and grounded in reality. They are not flashy or full of adventure, but take the form of intimate confessions. I'm worried that they will be too nostalgic and overdescriptive as a result. Is there any advice you can give me with regards to 'raising the plot out of the myre', so to speak. The collection is a work in progress, fed by somewhat exhausted perseverance, but I'm determined.

I apologise if this guestbook entry seems like it is one long request. I wish you every success with your new novel, and I look forward to savouring every page.

Kind regards
Mary-Anne Potter






Happy Valentine's Day!!


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