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Luis Méndez

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Hello Barbara, thanks a million for your mail. I am honored by being considered in your list of contacts. I would like to comment that I have read many of your books and I have always been captured by your settings, figures, your propensity for magic, your inclination to mistery. I just love Virgins of Paradise; Egypt is one of my dreams. I hope I will go there one day. The Blessing Stone, is another of my favorites. I have also read others whose English titles I do not know. But all the same, they are great. Is there a Spanish version for the Blessing Stone ? I am Mexican and I would like my mother and sister to read this one in Spanish. I am about to read Green City in the Sun. They have told me it is a great story. You are such a wonderful writer. Are your novels fiction or reality ? I but recognize your brillian imagination and your ability to picture the images in your novels, feelings and other features that make them a must. Thanks a lot. I will continue to read more of your books. xoxo


Re: Luis Méndez

Hi Luis,

Spanish Language version of The Blessing Stone is El Amuleto.
Posted by Sharon at Nov 15, 2007 09:30





Happy Valentine's Day!!


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