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Dear Barbara Wood, the first book I`ve read was in 1995, I`ve all yours books and I`ve reading them a lot of times. You really can be proud of you,all over the world you got fans and make people happy. What can be better?
I`ve never been in Agypt not yet in THIS life but I`m sure that I´ve been living years ago in a time that we can read in yours books. My doctor is from Agypt and he always say to me "you look like an agyptian woman, I see it in yours eyes, go to Kairo you will see a lot of persons with your face" I know it and I feel it as you. I wish you the best and thank you...
Maybe I will get an answer on this message but is it really you who answer? Please don`t misanderstand me but I can`t imagine that you answer all this peoples yourself... Maybe I`m wrong, I hope so. I send you a big hug.






Happy Valentine's Day!!


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