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Becky Cooper

by The Administrator last modified Jan 06, 2008 15:40

United States


Port Huron


Dear Ms. Wood, I stumbled upon "Green City in the Sun" unexpectedly and needless to say, I couldn't put it down for 2 days. Having spent the best year of my life as a student in the Mara in 1994-95, reading your story with the most vivid details brought back incredible memories. From your depiction of the people, their culture, the scenery, smells, the tidbits of Swahili, and especially your descriptions of the idiosyncracies of Kenya ("men having beer drinks under a tree"), you brought back to mind so many wonderful things that I had forgotten and wanted to remember. Just like Deborah, I think it's time for me to remember, understand the truth, and say goodbye. Thank you, Becky Cooper






Happy Valentine's Day!!


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