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Linda Fischer

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Dear Barbara, My introduction to your writing was your novel, the Prophetess which my son gave to me. He had picked up the review copy at The National Post in Canada. I was so impressed that I looked for your books in every book store that I visited in Canada and the US. I ended up buying and reading your next two books, but never saw any of the previous ones and haven't seen any since then.

Then my reading tastes changed and I tried to keep to books with no really harsh characters...you can imagine that this limits my scope considerably, but it was for my mental health. I tend to live with my books, making friends with the characters and hanging out with them for a few days during and after my reading. I noticed that I was more anxious when reading certain kinds of books. Despite my decision to limit my reading, I was so taken with your writing style (details, details, details and often of a very technical nature) and main characters (competent women) that I still looked for your books every time I was in a book store although I didn't know if I would actually buy and read one. I was also trying to save my eyes and so was listening to books on tape/disc more and more. This took me to libraries where I also looked for your books.

The reason that I am writing this is to say that after a few years of not finding your titles in the DC area or in airport bookstores, I was amazed to find many of your books in Spanish, in the bookstore sections of El Cortes Ingles (a large department store chain) in Spain in multiple cities. They weren't hard to find either; they were featured on tables and caught the eye. I was stunned.

I am so glad that I decided to write this note to you as I discovered your website and from the summaries, believe that I can read some of your books although probably not all of them. Shame on me for not looking before this. I was generalizing from the three books I read before I decided to limit my self.

You are such an impressive writer and I thank you very much for enriching my life and adding so many stories of courageous women to inspire our collective imaginations. Linda Fischer




A Little Encouragement

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