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Izabela Wilkosz

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I've just finished reading ''Daughter of the Sun'' and I am profoundly impressed by the baroque beauty of your language and your deep knowledge and understanding of the Toltec culture. I was totally immensed in the story so skilfully presenting information about Toltec mythology and still being such a great read! Usually I have a very sceptical approach towards fiction dealing with pre-Columbian cultures, having studied them for years myself, but now I'm taking my hat off in a deep bow!!!
This was the first book of yours that I've read but be sure I will definitely hunt for the others! Besides, rarely do I get to read a book presenting so exquisite female protagonists. The last time I felt so profoundly ''empowered'' was when I read ''Mists of Avalon''. Please, keep on writing and feed my everlasting hunger for good literature!




Happy Valentine's Day!!


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