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theresa alexander

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Hello Barbara,

I discovered your first book (for me) on a throwaway table at a public library in Ontario many years ago. It was "Domina" and I became totally enthralled with your writings.

Whenever I could find a used paperback, or book in a library I would go to the "Wood" author section and scout for yet another of your books.

I've read, in this order (funny how I remember) next, Green City in the Sun, The Dreaming, Vital Signs, Soul Flame, Virgins of Paradise... and a friend is giving me The Prophetess this week.

You are amazing! You 'do your homework' which is a blessing as many of us novel readers learn so much about the world from your research.

I can hardly wait to go to a used bookstore and buy as many of your unread paperbacks as I can.

By the way I am 66, have lived a varied life, retired teacher, well travelled, just got back from Turkey where my son got married.

Keep it up, we love you!!





Happy New Year!


It's A Wonderful Life!


Happy Thanksgiving!

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