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Dear Ms. Wood:
Thank you very much for clearing up my confusion. It never occured to me that a translation could even vary from the original. Now I wonder if I should go back and revisit translations from other books I liked "just in case" (*smile).

It was very interesting to read the "embellished" American version, and the ending surely provided some closure...but, for me, I will have to go back and finish the German version. It really drew me in; and while it was exciting to get a more well-rounded picture of Hoshi´tiwa, the tiny threads connecting characters over centuries are just too fascinating, and now I need to know how it concluded.

Unless...any chance of an American Sequel to Daughter of the Sun?

Thanks again.


Re: Daughter of the Sun

Hello again Claudia,

I am glad I was able to clear up the confusion. You do not have to worry about my other books. All foreign translations are true to the English versions.

There is no American sequel to Daughter of the Sun. However, in my newest book, Woman of a Thousand Secrets (Das Perlenmadchen) the heroine is a descendant of Hoshi'tiwa.

Posted by Barbara Wood at Jul 26, 2008 05:14



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