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I started reading "Gesang der Erde" in Germany and loved it...basically it has three parts: 1. Hoshi´tiwa and Jakal, 2. Faraday (centuries later) and 3. Morgana.

Since I could not finish while in Germany I ordered "Daughter of the Sun" which according to the German book is the original.

To my surprise "Daughter of the Sun" consists of ONLY the story of Hoshi'tiwa, with extra parts that were not in the German book.

What happened to Faraday and his daughter Morgana? Is that a different book? The translator did not add those herself, did she (a lot of reviews suspect "two different authors")?

I am very confused and would appreciate help.


Re: Claudia

Hello Claudia, and welcome to my website!

I am sorry for the confusion regarding Gesang der Erde and Daughter of the Sun.

When I finished writing Gesang der Erde (it was originally called The Last Shaman) my American publisher wanted a shorter book, and they recommended that I eliminate Faraday's and Morgana's stories for the American version, and and at the same lengthen Hoshi'tiwa's story.

I like to think of Daughter of the Sun as a "prequel" to Gesang der Erde.

Thank you again for visiting.
God Bess,
Posted by Barbara Wood at Jul 25, 2008 08:05



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