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any gonzalez

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la union


dear Mr Wood:

My name is Any, I'm from Chile.
I want to thank you because since I read your books I 've though about that I'd like write my own book. Well, the literature is my passion, and some people say that I have conditions for to write, but the thing is that I 'm not really sure about that. In addition, in my country is difficult to begin to write anything and the people read few books.
I've not read all your books, but I' think to do it if I can get them. the last I read was "Perros y chacales" It's excelent!

Well, here I Wrote a little of my own words:

"De una delgada hoja que suspira entre mis manos
aspiro la humedad carcelaria y tibia de un secreto;
silencioso huye el perfume que exhalan mis dedos,
y en el aire se repite un susurro del dia que muere"

It's not very good. I need improve, but I'd like to know your opinion.

Esperando no incomodarla con mi admiracion y peticion,

desde ya muy agradecida


I'm sorry Mrs Wood, my english is not good but I'm studyng every day to improve.




Happy Valentine's Day!!


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