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Hello Barbara!
I´m a great fan of your books. My first book was "Rote Sonne, Schwarzes Land",when it was published and then the story goes on. Whenever the teacher told us to present one of our favorite books, I took one of yours. I nearly read all of your books(I bought all of them; four I didnt read up to now), but some even twice.
I love your writing style, the way you let me explore new "old" cultures like in "Gesang der Erde".
The two books "Wilder Oleander" and "Butterfly" were so refreshing and exiting. I read these books on the train when I went home from studies.
I´m looking forward to your new book. The book shop assistant told me it will be published in october.
I was surfing on your website when I read, that there are some reading groups in the USA. Sometime I will be there and see you personal.
The reading of one of your books is better than the television because the history grows in my head to a kind of film and I can see the characters of the history, as if they stand (act) in reality beside me. Then I´m in my own world, not noticing doorbells ring or telephone calls.
That will be enough for today.
Have a nice day.
Greetings, Carolin




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