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Barbara Smith

by The Administrator last modified Feb 19, 2009 22:18

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I have never done this before. But then I've never found an author like you before. It is 3:00AM and I've just finished "Sacred Ground". I couldn't put it down. I've now found and read 12 of your novels. It started with the "Magdalene Scrolls". I love religious historical fiction. Some of the books I have read non-stop so fast that I'll have to wait a bit and start over again to see what I missed. Most of the remaining 9 novels I have yet to read I keep a look out for in the used book stores on-line with Barnes & Noble. I think I'm so drawn to your books because they are about strong, independent women.
Because of my health, or lack there of, I don't go out much during the winter months. I'm afraid of falling and breaking something. Which is really kind of crazy because I'm only going to be 50 next month not 90. I just wanted to say thank you for getting me out of this little apartment and taking me to such exotic places and time. It makes the winters seem a little warmer.
A true fan






Happy Valentine's Day!!


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