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Dear Mrs. Wood,
I just wanted to tell you that I have read Daughter of the Sun, and have recently, (about thirty minutes ago) finished reading Woman of a Thousand Secrets. All I can say is "wow" the stories are so interesting, and the characters so memorable. Whenever I finish reading one of your books, I feel overwhelmed by the layers of history that I have just experienced, (in my mind of course :) ) I did not know that you had intended for Woman of a Thousand Secrets to be a loose sequel to Daughter of the Sun (although I was aware of the historical relativity) until I reached the part where it mentioned a woman by the name of Hoshi'tiwa... I was so happy that having enjoyed Daughter of the Sun so much, that I was allowed to see (somewhat) a continuation of the storyline. Thank you so much for sharing your storytelling talent with the world!!
Best of Wishes!




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