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Elizabeth Johnson

by The Administrator last modified Mar 04, 2009 01:39

United Kingdom



Dear Ms Wood,

I have never contacted an author before but I find myself compelled to say thnak you for the wonderful books that you write. I am a single mother with very little time to spare and have only recently re-discovered the joy of reading due my children reaching an age where they are more independent. Last year a friend lent me The Dreaming and I in turn lent in on to another friend and as a consequence we are all looking for more of your work to devour!! It hadn't struck me before I read your web page that your stories are based on strong female characters and expect that is why I feel so drawn into your work I also really enjoy the fact that you base some of your stories on alternative therapies. To date I have also read Sacred Ground, Perfect Harmony and am half way through Childsong. I love the attention to detail you put into your work, you obviously work hard on your research to get as much accurate information in there as possible. Your knowledge of herbal remedies both ancient and new are strong components of Sacred Ground and Perfect Harmony which helps to make your reader a part of the process and you do not insult their intelligence. I am now looking forward to finding a copy of The Blessing Stone.
Thank you, it is a great pleasure to be able to let you know that you have enriched my life.
Best Wishes.






Happy Valentine's Day!!


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