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Hi Barbara :)

I am an avid reader, and I just wanted to tell you how floored I was after picking up Women of a Thousand Secrets, and Daughter of the Sun. Your stories are so rich and real, that I finished both books in a week!! It's rare that I find an author that I love so much, but also has so many books for me to delve into!

I was particularly delighted by Daughter of the Sun. I could just see the plaza, and Jakal, and everything was just so breathtaking.

I wanted to ask you: Do you books follow any sort of sequence? I noticed that since I read Woman of a Thousand Secrets first, I was aware of Tenoch as the first, thought that knowledge wasn't necessary to enjoy the book. So should I start at the very beginning, and work my way through them? Or are they all separate enough? I do plan on reading all your books :)

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and stories. If you ever find yourself in my part of the world, I'd love to go to a signing, or out for tea!!



Re: Stephanie

Hi Stephanie, and welcome to my website. Forgive me for answering your questions here. I normally like to send private emails to visitors to my website, but my email function seems to have died, and my assistant is out on maternity leave. :)

Thank you for your high praise of my books. You have quite made my day. To answer your question: there is no real order to my books. While "Woman Of A Thousand Secrets" is a very loose sequel to "Daughter of the Sun," they can be read in reverse order, as you pointed out. My next book will be a sequel to "Soul Flame" but I will be writing it so that, again, reverse order is okay.

I did, however, write three books under the pen name of Kathryn Harvey, and if you should read "Butterfly" and "Stars" they do have to be read in that order, because "Stars" is a solid sequel that requires reading "Butterfly" first.

Thank you for your invitation to tea. I am a tea fanatic (Bigelow's Lemon Lift is my favorite) and if I ever plan to visit Austin, Texas I will be sure to let you know.

Happy First Day of Spring!
Barbara :)
Posted by Barbara Wood at Mar 20, 2009 08:17





Happy Valentine's Day!!


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