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Around 5 years ago, I got Green City in the Sun as a present from a relative. Despite being a bookworm, I couldn't get through more than a few pages--I guess I simply was too young to enjoy it. It ended up in my bookshelf, forgotten. Some time later, someone gave me Perfect Harmony. I started reading it somewhat reluctantly (the cover of this specific translated version is not very appealing, I'm sorry to say) but was completely absorbed within a few pages. As soon as I had finished it, I searched through my house until I found Green City in the Sun. Since then, I have reread both the books many, many times, and they remain two of my favorites! I am currently in the process of reading everything you've ever written (I realize I'm making myself sound like a stalker here, but I really just want to tell you how much I admire you and love your books! I promise not to steal anything from your trash) Tonight, I'm hoping the second half of Daughter of the Sun will give me a great Friday night!

Thank you!




Happy Valentine's Day!!


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Happy New Year!

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