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Hello,I just want to say that I've read two of your books and they're both amazing. Both Virgins of Paradise and Green City In The Sun. I can't wait to read another book of yours. It's honestly amazing how you are able to catch a readers attention. I'm an English teacher in Mexico and to my advanced students I 've recommended your books and they've loved them. They too have recommanded them. I hope one day to be able to meet you and have one of my books signed by you. I was raised in the United States and I had to come back to Mexico because of a situation and while I was adapting to my new life, my mother recommended your books, they were my best friends. I was abel to relate to them in many ways and opend a strong desire me to know about other cultures. THANKS. I could actually feel that I was in those countrys. A forever fan....




Happy New Year!


It's A Wonderful Life!


Happy Thanksgiving!

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