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Dear Barbara,

Please, forgive my english and its several mistakes, I am a french young woman, and everybody knows that french people are reputated to be quite bad in english.
I truly wanted to express the emotions I still have under my skin, as I just finished the book "The last shaman".
To be honest, it is the first book of you I have ever read.
But I used to be a book eater, a passionate lover of words, as far as I remember, I have always written poems and little texts, dreaming of the day when I will become a professional author, when my friends were dreaming of their future husband and children.
So, there were so many things I wanted to tell you, that I forgot to begin by the most important to my opinion.
I want to thank you. You gave me back that passion of reading, you made with your words reborn my imagination.
And, even if it's a novel, so a fiction, the "philosophy" that I found in it was something my soul needed.
It's a fascinating "déclaration d'amour" for life in all its aspects.Also, you made me realise an important thing I forgot once during my studies : life has to be lived.

So once again, thank you so strongly for this book, which has so much to bring to his readers.

With all my sincere and deep respect.




Happy Valentine's Day!!


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