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Deborah Currier

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Marche and U.S. WA

Macerata and Bellingham


I just finished my first novel by you, which I found on the shelves of my temporary office as a visiting professor in Macerata, Italy for this fall semester. I have never written an author before, even though I am a voracious reader, but I had to find you on the web and let you know that "The Prophetess" has saved both my sanity and my self-assurance here.
As the only female, visiting, non-Catholic professor of arts in a program run by a male, devout, judgmental and non-artistic program director, I have been struggling to stay on solid footing as the strong woman I know myself to be. I am absolutely aware that you are writing fiction, but the journey of reading "The Prophetess" was truly a serendipitous gift that reassured me: What I have always known to be truth for me (despite a strict religious childhood) does have a place in the world - even if I am currently challenged at every turn as a woman, a non-Catholic and a scholar.
As it is a few days from American Thanksgiving, I wanted to let you know that one of the many things I am thankful for is you. I am eager to read your other novels, and I know that "The Prophetess" will always hold a very significant and special place in my heart and spirit.
Ciao, bell'attrice :)




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