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Isabelle Lo Cicero

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Dear Mrs. Wood :-)

i wait wishfully for you new book. I can´t stand it ...:-)
It´s a christmas tradition...every year a new book from Barbara Wood. I really read all your written books (which I could find in Germany in german). Your book "Seelenfeuer" the translation could be soulfire, is my favorite one. It is amazing...really amazing. I read it so fast, couldn´t wait the next nights to read more and more...didn´t want to fall a sleep.... . And in the end I didn´t want it to be finish :-(
You must be a really romantic woman in your private life. As I do :-)
I also really enjoyed you book BUTTERFLY. Wow, what a diffrent world of Barbara Wood. It´s fantastic. It is a walking/moving book...it goes from hand to hand...i gave it to my sister...to my best friend...my cousin...now my mother is enjoying it :-)
I am looking forward to hear about a new book!!!!
With love and best wishes from one of your biggest fans

Isabelle Lo Cicero from Cologne/Germany




Happy New Year!


It's A Wonderful Life!


Happy Thanksgiving!

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