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Kees Knegt

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Every now and than, in your life, a book crosses your path that you just can't put down, that you have to finish no matter what. I just had the honour and real pleasure to read Daughter of the Sun (albeit in the dutch translation), and Barbara, you did it....I just couldn't stop reading... This also speaks for the translator though, normally I read all my books in the English language, because there is so much lost during the process of translating. But to be fair, Michelle Pothumus has done a great job, even in dutch the book still got to me in a terrifying way. So now it's time to look out for the english version and read it all over again :-). I think you did honour to the great American Indian culture, and their wisdom and respect for nature, all this precious knowledge that we, in the west, have long since forgotten, and actually don't care to remember....
Thanks again for Hoshi`Tiwa, she's a precious gift,

May Quetzalchoatl protect you

Love from the Netherlands, Kees Knegt




Happy New Year!


It's A Wonderful Life!


Happy Thanksgiving!

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